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Mr Wolf - Your Perfect Wedding DJ creating lifelong memories


The Right DJ For Your Wedding

Thank you for visiting my page. I am a professional wedding DJ and I work all over Shropshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire, Herefordshire and North Wales.

I know that selecting the right DJ is an important and integral part of your very special day.


The memories created should last a lifetime and you will need to be sure that you are engaging a professional DJ to help you and your loved ones have the best day that will be talked about for a long time to come.


Trusted And Having The Right Experience

My background comes from the music business and for 11 years I owned my own very successful record label, music pr and publishing company that I sold to a much larger label in 2016.


My wide and very diverse musical knowledge allows me to play an eclectic mixture that will have your dance floor packed with usual requests for “more” at the end.


It is very important to me that you are both not just excited for the day itself but for the evening’s entertainment to be seamless, enjoyable and memorable.


I have over 12,000 tracks in my collection and cover all aspects of music that I tailor to suit you.

Wedding Music Consultation

If you are unsure of the style of music that you would like to hear at your wedding, as part of my DJ package I can meet with you in advance and offer you guidance that will bring the best out of everyone and keeping the dance floor busy!

Types Of Music I Can Play For You

Creating the right balance when you can have an age range from 3 – 100 is not an easy thing to do; this is why engaging a professional DJ for your wedding is vitally important.


Some couples ask for a musical theme for example such as a classic Ibiza set, 80's party set or a rock party but always with plenty of diversity and range.


I have it covered; generally speaking most of my weddings I DJ at require a blend of some of the following:

60's - 80's

90's - 00's

00's - current

ministry of sound/Classic Ibiza dance set

classic indie

Motown classics/light/easy listening

rock party 

The First Dance

wedding first dance

Playing your most favorite song is a time to get excited and a time to show your love on this most special day. For some however it can be a nervous prospect. Many have asked for me to keep the first dance short either by track length or where the bride and groom are just by themselves on the dance floor, this is nothing to worry about and I will invite others to join you and inevitably many will.  

The most important thing is for you to be happy and I tailor everything around you.

shrewsbury shropshire wedding dj


If you would like a consultation we can discuss exactly what you need to get the most from the evening.

Some clients already know exactly what they want and will give me guidance of the type of music they wish to hear or provide me with a playlist. I am very happy to do this but I also have years of musical knowledge to work without playlists and in truth prefer that so I leave that up to you. If you are spending good money for a professional DJ then he/she must be proven in doing this, as after all it would be a lot cheaper to hire an MP3 player if every track is pre-selected beforehand.

chilli chapel fiance kevin horak

Background Music And Microphone Usage

There are a variety of different wedding packages that I provide including being with you all day as well as the evening. All day packages include background music as your guests arrive, microphone usage after the wedding breakfast and further background music until the evening.

If you also require me to be an MC for your wedding please do let me know.

Professional Equipment

I work with state of the art music technology and use Pioneer DJ decks. I am not a laptop DJ who works with free software. I have my own booth, professional speaker systems and an array of lighting that is suitable for very large venues as well as for more intimate affairs.


wedding dj albrighton hall hotel shropshire


I am always excellently presented and I believe it is very important to be so. Unless otherwise instructed I will always be wearing a suit or very smart clothing.


Extras That I Can Provide For You

I can design the packages of exactly what you are looking for and maybe some special extras that you may not have considered.


As well as my DJ, lighting and sound service I can also provide:


  • Up lighting suitable for effects around the room

  • Advanced lighting for more effects and wow factor

  • Confetti canon for your first dance (photographers dream and watch your guests faces!)

  • Extra speaker systems for very large venues where the capacity is over 400 guests

  • Large format letters – to include “Mr & Mrs” and “Love”


shropshire wedding

Lighting Examples

I am often asked about the type of lighting I provide. The video below is an example of what I provide within my standard package, this is the most popular. The video below that is an more advanced lighting package with an amazing effect.