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The New Bodyguard

a practical guide to the close protection industry

The New Bodyguard 

A Practical Guide To The Close Protection Industry 

Foreword by Lt. Gen. Sir John Foley KCB, OBE, MC, DL

(Former Director Of The SAS

The New Bodyguard is a critically acclaimed book that continues to receive praise across all sectors of the security industry.


Often referred to as 'The' reference source for many who work in the industry and as an advisory text for training organisations; The New Bodyguard has set the benchmark detailing exactly what is needed to be among the elite working in modern day Close Protection.


With a foreword by Lt. General Sir John Foley the former Director of The SAS you can be sure of a fact filled book full of integrity explaining what it takes to make a success of one of the most challenging professions there is.

What The Book Covers:

The New Bodyguard is a fact filled educational guide of the demands and challenges involved in modern day Close Protection and working as a front line Close Protection Operative.


At over 350 pages long with 240 photographs and 60 illustrations spread over 24 chapters; this book is a completely authoritative insight for those who are not just considering this career but for those already working in the industry who wish to use it as a point of reference.


If you are interested in learning the Close Protection craft and working as a professional Bodyguard The New Bodyguard is essential reading enabling you to learn more about this rewarding and adventurous career.



General RRP: £26.99


ISBN: 978-0-9557769-1-5

Book Size (in mms): Height 208, Width 148

Exact Page Count: 392

Number of Illustrations 60

Photographic Images 229 (b&w)

Photographic Images 17 (Colour)


1. Who and what is the Close Protection Operative?

2. Desirable Characteristics

3. Where do Close Protection Operatives come from?

4. Contractual employment and working as a Self Employed Operative.

5. The Principal - Who employs Close Protection?

6. Constructing a resume and interview techniques.

7. Team options.

8. Foot Formations - The Personal Escort Section (PES)

9. Residential Security (RST)

10. The Advanced Security Team (AST)

11. Vehicle Drills.

12. Vehicle Embuss and Debuss.

13. Buildings and Structures.

14. Personal Search Techniques.

15. Dress and Behaviour.

16. Close Protection and the media.

17. Threat Assessments.

18. Business and Travel Considerations.

19. Planning and Reconnaissance.

20. Bomb Threats.

21. Response To Bomb Threats.

22. Radio Communications.

23. Basic Surveillance Techniques.

24. Use of Firearms.


Abbreviations and Terminology.

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The Author With Sir John Foley

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