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Driving Wanker

Observations In Your Wanker Chariot!!

Flying Horses, Sending Caravans To France And Creating A New Religion

author kevin horak driving comedy book
driving comedy book kevin horak

A Modern Day Drivers Guide Keeping You Out Of Trouble With The Law!

Motoring for most of us is a passion and enjoying the road, not just a means to an end.


Whether you drive the cheapest of motoring chariots or the most expensive, everyone is a member of this club as every day you will encounter some form of driving wanker.


Motoring is not technically difficult, but for reasons unknown to the thinking people of humanity there are thousands of wankers out there roaming the roads and coming into your path on a daily basis.

Here you will read about them and earn points when you spot them on your travels.  


From workmen wankers to powered by fairy dust wankers and caravan wankers this book is your salvation keeping you out of trouble and restraining you from becoming a road rage wanker.


enjoy your driving again and accept the inevitability that today you will meet a driving wanker.


Hope you get max points for doing so.


The road is yours!

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The Book Covers:

Chapter 1 - Inevitable Wankers


1. Powered by fairy dust wankers

2. Driving in the fast lane slowly wankers

3. Middle lane hogging wanker

4. Middle digit wanker

5. Make up, check hair wanker

6. Selfie wanker

7. Ladder wankers

8. Phone wankers

9. I’ve got children on board sticker wankers

10. Speed camera wankers

11. Parking enforcement wankers

12. Tractor wankers

13. I wish my wife was as dirty as this – Poetry wanker

14. Taxi wanker

15. Workman wankers

16. Take away driving wankers

17. Need to move that table wanker

18. Parking so close so no-one can get back in to their car wankers

19. Caravan wankers

20. Car is a moving dump wanker

21. Jogging wankers

22. Push bike wankers

23. Horsey wankers

24. God is my passenger wanker

CHAPTER 2 - Young Wankers


25. Stoner wankers

26. Drum and bass wankers

27. LRT wankers

28. Sober taxi wanker

29. Race meet wankers

30.  Vaping wankers

31. Piss poor horn wanker

32. Cannabis stickers keep getting nicked by the filth wankers

33. Mum taxi wanker

34. Bus wankers

35. I’m hard “come on then” wanker

36. Daddy bought me this wanker

37. Think you’ve got a pimp/geezer machine

CHAPTER 3 - Midlife Crises and old Wankers


38. Doddery Old wanker

39. Porsche wanker

40. Golfing wankers

41. Lambo wanker

42. Bald wanker

43. Posh Jaguar wankers – despise the working class poor wankers

44. Driving with roof down in winter wankers

45. Jizzing water washer’s wankers

46. Revving your car to impress the ladies wankers

47. Sunglasses wankers

48. Dick head number plate wanker

49. Doggie driving wankers

50. Hiring a car to get laid wanker

51. Sunroof stuck when raining wanker

CHAPTER 4 - Rare Wankers


52. Football flag wankers

53. Del boy – car boot fair wanker

54. Parking hitting the walls wanker

55. Flashing Wankers

56. Pretty Women Wankers (Me love you long time)

57. Multi-story car parks smell like piss wankers

58. Travelling wankers

59. Bikini wankers

60. Dental Hygiene Wanker

61. Farting wanker

62. Stains on seats wanker

63. Giving the wanker gesture and then crash your car wankers

64. Head banging wankers

65. Stretch limo wankers – vomiting Shazza wanker

66. Dogging wankers

67. Knight Rider Wanker – A Hasselhoff homage  

68. Lollipop traffic crossing Person (not a wanker)

69. Glamorous exit from vehicle wanker


Publisher: Clearwater Publishing Limited (8 Dec. 2016)

ISBN-10: 0955776953

ISBN-13: 978-095577695

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