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shropshire rock dj mr wolf

Your Perfect Rock DJ

DJ Mr Wolf - Playing Rock music venues and parties across Shropshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire, Herefordshire and North Wales

I have had a love of rock and punk since my youngest years. Leather jacket with Daffy Duck painted on the back saying “Mosh”, denim jacket covered in patches, bullet belt, and studded wrist bands, greasy long hair and enough spots representing your last Domino's - the whole nine yards.


In the early 80’s this apparently was not a cool look for the mainstream as when people would drive by they would throw things out their windows at me, but I thought I looked the nuts – rounded off with a trilby hat that I threw on stage at an Anthrax gig for Joey Belladonna to pick up and run around the stage with it on – these were crazy times of fashion.


Some years on and not a lot has changed, well, with exception to my long curly hair making its departure from this world but the love of the music has not faded.

In 2006 I set up my own rock record label ‘A Wolf At Your Door Records’ and up until my selling it in 2016 we had some great success with home grown artists to include Deaf Havana, Mallory Knox, Dirty Harry and Lower Than Atlantis. Throughout this time we had an I-Tunes record of the week (93,000 downloads), an I-Tunes number 1, Regular radio rotation including Radio 1’s Live Lounge and a number 1 in Bolivia – go figure?    


This ‘anti-established’ label and not conforming to the general rules of the music industry brought us a great fan base and good times.


After over 50 releases in UK, Europe and the world over I sold my much loved label to a much larger home grown independent to concentrate on DJ'ing and writing.


From my long standing love of rock/hard rock and punk I love DJ'ing exclusive rock music sets.

shropshire rock dj mr wolf
midlands rock dj mr wolf cradle of filth

After I'd Eaten A Lot Of Pies!!

With Dirty Harry Who Was Formally Signed To Me And Dani Filth For Cradle Of Filth's 'Temptation'

Currently 18 Million Views On You Tube

shropshire rock dj marilyn manson

Fast Forward 10 Years With My Wifey And A Few Less Pies.

With Harry Again in November 2017. She Was The Main Support For UK/Europe and United States For Marilyn Manson

Types Of Events I Play At

•  Rock Parties

•  Rock Weddings

•  Festivals

•  Biker Festivals And Parties

•  Rock Venues

If booking a rock set the bands lists below (to name a few) will give a flavour of what I can play as unique sets or a combination of all.

Classic Sets

Can Include:

Led Zeppelin,   Black Sabbath,   Rainbow,   UFO,   Dio,    The Doors,   AC/DC,    

Iron Maiden,   Def Leppard,   Uriah Heap,   Scorpions,   Status Quo,   Deep Purple,    

Van Halen,   Aerosmith,   Bon Jovi,   Accept,   Rush,   Saxon,   Motorhead,   Queen,  Steppenwolf,   ELO,   Lynyrd Skynyrd,   Guns N' Roses,   Whitesnake,   Nirvana

Click On Video Box Above To Watch AC/DC "Let There Be Rock"

Thrash Golden Age - An Era Never To Be Repeated!!

Can Include:

Metallica,   Megadeth,   Onslaught,   Slayer,   Nuclear Assault,   Anthrax, Dark Angel,   Flotsam And Jetsam,   Exodus,   Possessed,   Venom,   Stormtroopers Of Death,  

Holy Terror,   Sodom,   DRI,   Destruction,

  Celtic Frost,   Bathory,   Acid Reign,   Voi Vod,   Death,   Kreator

Click On The Above Video Box Of Metallica To Watch "Damage Inc" Live

iron maiden bruce dickinson kevin horak shropshire
shrewsbury rock dj mr wolf

Leviosa Metal!!

Late Night Drinking Session With Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson After He Had Borrowed My Elvis Wig!!


Can Include:

Dead Kennedy’s,   Charged GBH,   The Subhumans,   The Plasmatics,   The Clash,

The Exploited,   The Sex Pistols,   Siouxie And The Banshees,   Adam & The Ants  

The Anti Nowhere League,   Broken Bones,   Cryptic Slaughter,   Warfare,  

The Alarm,   The Ramones,   X-Ray Specs,   Idles,   PIL,   L7,   Gallows

Click On The Above Video Box Of Idles To Watch "Samaritans" 

1990's Manchester, Birmingham And Beyond - Current

Whilst technically not rock and punk (some of it), most of a certain age..... ahem

like to hear some of these classics or as an exclusive set.

Can Include:

Pop Will Eat Itself,   The Charlatans,   Inspiral Carpets,   The Wonder Stuff,   James,

The Cure,   Jesus Jones,   The Happy Mondays,   Shed 7,   Ned’s Atomic Dustbin,   Oasis,   Blur,   The Verve,   Sonic Youth,   Primal Scream,   Happy Mondays,  

The Smiths,   Muse,   Radiohead,   Arctic Monkeys,   Carter USM,   The Courteeners,   Portishead

Click On The Above Video Box Of

Shed 7 To Watch "Going For Gold" 

serj tankian system of a down stafford rock dj

Random Night In Lithuania With

System Of A Down's Serj Tankian

scorpions rock dj cheshire

At the World Music Awards In Monaco With Scorpions

Rudolf Schenker 

Rock 1990's - Present

Can Include:

Bring Me The Horizon,   Cannibal Corpse,   Rage Against The Machine,   Blink 182, Napalm Death,   Cradle Of Filth,   Pantera,   Killswitch Engage,   Faith No More,

The Dillinger Escape Plan,   Refused,   Limp Bizkit,   Korn,   Linkin Park,   Ill Nino, American Head Charge,   Sepultura,   Soulfly,   Foo Fighters,   Public Enemy, Bodycount,   The Prodigy,   Marilyn Manson,   Cypress Hill (crossover project),

Green Day,   Disturbed,   Machine Head,    System Of A Down,   The Deftones,

Drowing Pool,   Pearl Jam,   Slipknot,   The Pixies,   Down,   Tenacious D