For Those Who Know How To Party!!

The Ultimate Set of Ibiza and old skool classics


Playing the very best of the classics either before or after the sun goes down.


My classic Ibiza set spans the glory era from the early days with only the very slightest hint of the current.


The set time is just over 2 and a half hours long from the bangers that sent a new level of madness into overdrive to the sublime chills and euphoric beats.


Whilst I can tailor a set to clients specific needs this journey through musical excellence has it all covered.


Played outdoors for parties, festivals and VIP events or indoors where there are no sound limiters warn your neighbours or invite them over as this is noisy.

Extras That I Can Provide

To really take your party to the next level and making it the party that everyone was talking about for ages afterwards, through my network of friends some of these extra options you may be interested in:

Professional Podium Dancers

Fire Performers

Enhanced Light Show

Enhanced Speaker Coverage For Larger Outdoor Venues

Burlesque Performers 

Glow Sticks And Wands

And Much More!! - Please Do Ask

Are you a member of the UK Armed Forces or formally served? 

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The Ultimate Party Night Out!

For a real banger of a party add some live music into the mix!

Coupled with my Ibiza classics set I have an amazing working relationship with the band Sonic Boom!


Depending on your preferences I can either split my set with the band i.e. I play 1 hour and 1.5 hours and the band can either play for 2 hours or 2 x 1 hour sets.

I have worked with Sonic Boom over the last two years and look forward to continued shows with them in the future.

Footnote: This show is LOUD!


As such it is not suitable indoors where there are sound limiters. 


For more information about my Classic Ibiza and old skool sets as well as Ibiza and Rock please contact me at: