Bits & Bobs ABout me 

It Was all Wolfie's Fault! 

Thank you for taking the time to have a little gander at my website

Everyone who knows me calls me Wolfie, a name that has loitered around me from the 90's, stemming from my uncanny familiarity to that fine man specimen Wolfie from Gladiators. In those days I had long hair and a slap head, the name has never gone away and the slap head still remains.

After a considerable head shave I worked as a front line Close Protection operative for over 20 years and I ran my own successful bodyguarding business for over 17 years. I was responsible for some hundreds of private sector security operations including working with Royal families, the corporate sector, the entertainment business and working with grade A celebrities.


I made the decision in early 2016 that I wished to retire from the Close/Executive Protection business to write more and concentrate on my other business interests and finally start my long overdue midlife crises. I have written two versions of my Close Protection book The New Bodyguard that has sold worldwide.


In the background of my work in the CP business In 2006 I set up my own little record label which at the point of my selling it was very successful independent label. A Wolf At Your Door was a rock and punk imprint that focused on home grown artists. The label was behind launching the careers of successful artists such as Mallory Knox, Deaf Havana and Lower Than Atlantis to name a few. In the middle part of 2016 I made the decision along with retiring from the Close Protection business to bring the label to a close and I sold it to a much larger independent label so I could focus upon writing and developing other bits and bobs that I'm involved with.


Now days and free of the restraint from working in the private security sector and working with politicians I write about things that give me a smile and hopefully other people as well.


Sexy Alpha Male 'Wolfie'

- I owe my whole career to him,

and I have the outfit (for home use)

Not to be confused with darts player

Martin 'Wolfie' Adams

Although he's always struck me as a bloody good bloke

Personal Life Stuff 

I work very closely with my lovely Fiancé professional model and wig maker Chilli Chapel helping manage her career and helping her business.  


We met when I booked her to model for my little clothing brand, totally fancied her and after only 2 dates she moved 200 miles to live with me and the rest they say is history. We've been together for 5 years now and she puts up with me and my childish sense of 'humour' along with my snoring, my bottom talking and me pulling her bottoms down in Sainsbury's on a Sunday afternoon, I love her dearly and she is my rock and my best friend.  


Although when she showed up to move in she brought 2 of the most camp looking un-alpha male dogs I've ever seen with her called Chilli and Pepper, I'm very rarely seen in public with them as she dresses the poor buggers in little coats and boots; although in my single days they would have been the best accessories any bachelor could wish for (minus the dog booties of course)! We have also had an addition 'Little Ted'.


Lauren is the person whom I respect the most and has been through many adversities in her life. She used to be a size 20 and sacrificed a whole year staying in, exercising and dieting to turn her life around. She was spotted by a model scout when she appeared on the Channel 4 programme 'How Not To Get Old' and now makes her living through her modelling and her wig and hair business.

If you would like to read more about Chilli Chapel, her wig collection and hair extensions please visit my lovely lady's website or drop her a message and say hi!

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