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Mildred the crazy cat lady - lickle update

Feedback for my new forthcoming book has been amazing so far from those who have been proofreading it for me.

Mildred an adorable but lonely lady from Shrewsbury in Shropshire was presented with a cat from a complete stranger nearly three years ago, little did she know that this was no 'ordinary' cat and it was no ordinary cat club that she became a member of.

The forthcoming yearly gathering of the local members of the cat club is upon her but all is not what it seems as she learns more about the dark forces that exist and roam among us. Time would come when all would look to Mildred and they would believe in her.

Mildred The Crazy Cat Lady is available worldwide from May 2019; the world of cats will never seem the same again.

I also have a little Twitter page if you would like to give it a follow - thank you, Insta and Facebook to follow nearer the time x

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