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Driving Wanker - Observations In Your Wanker Chariot - The Book

SKU: ISBN9780955776953
  • Motoring for most of us is a passion and enjoying the road, not just a means to an end.


    Whether you drive the cheapest of motoring chariots or the most expensive, everyone is a member of this club as every day you will encounter some form of driving wanker.


    Motoring is not technically difficult, but for reasons unknown to the thinking people of humanity there are thousands of wankers out there roaming the roads and coming into your path on a daily basis.

    Here you will read about them and earn points when you spot them on your travels.  


    From workmen wankers to powered by fairy dust wankers and caravan wankers this book is your salvation keeping you out of trouble and restraining you from becoming a road rage wanker.


    enjoy your driving again and accept the inevitability that today you will meet a driving wanker.


    Hope you get max points for doing so.


    The road is yours!


    Publisher: Clearwater Publishing Limited (8 Dec. 2016)

    ISBN-10: 0955776953

    ISBN-13: 978-0955776953

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