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The Tiger Is Out The Bag

Busy last couple of months, plenty of gigs across Shropshire, Herefordshire and Wales and another couple of great nights I DJ'ed for the Armed Forces. Head's up that I now have a residency at Platform in Shrewsbury Town Centre playing retro nights a couple of times a month, thanks to those who have come out to support these great nights.

My new book Mildred The Crazy Cat Lady has now had its second rewrite and gone for proofing, exciting times. Worldwide publishing should be from August 2019.

Also pleased to announce that I have now been sponsored by the lovely people at Tiger Gin. Tiger based from Shropshire is a multi award winning Gin and its bloody lovely. So do have a tipple but of course do drink responsibly etc etc.......

Please do have a visit to their website at

Plenty more to come, I'm fully booked across the summer for Saturday nights and will post more soon.

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