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I'm currently engaged in writing two screenplays.

Due to the scripts still being in production much of the content of the actual story lines are omitted here


"Spinal Tap meets Reservoir Dogs" 

Hard Rock is a very dark comedy about the South American drugs trade and their shipments continually being thwarted by the UK Border Force. 

In places a brutal tale of how drugs are a factor in most people's lives in one way or another; the story recruits 4 completely hopeless moronic individuals who in a short space of time become the UK's primary drug importers. - 18+ only - some adult content


Blood Red takes us into the life of a former foreign legionnaire who now operates in the private sector.

As a specialist fixer working for the criminal underworld and a serial killer by definition, its a classic story of cat and mouse between him and those seeking this shadowy figure.  

More to be published soon

I have also recently had meetings about ghost writing a new novel.


If you have any enquiries regarding written accounts and ghost writing please do get in touch with me 

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